Monday, January 18, 2010

Finding Friends and True Love!

I moved back home after living away for some years I've found that I've got very little friends in my home town as they are either settled down or married and such and have their own little lives now, a smack heads or people I don't really want to associate with or they have moved away.

My best mate lives 20 miles away and since moving back home even he is beginning to have his own life, settle down and start a family. Perhaps I've missed something somewhere I dunno, perhaps I don't deserve to be happy and have friends or something, perhaps I'm not meant to find true love and the girl of my dreams and settle down I dunno.

I know what my problem is though, I set my standards too high, always have, sometimes its worked sometimes it hasn't. I guess I really need to re-asses my life, take a step back and find out what it is I am doing wrong.

Perhaps I'm such a wanker and bastard that nobody really likes me, they just pretend they do !?! I dunno.

Being an ass hole designer and perfectionist doesn't help matters much also and I know this along with setting my standards too high is probably the problem I have with the real world.